Since 2000 Telzar Infrastructure has grown from strength to strength. We strive to be one of the leading specialists in IT consulting and effective business solutions. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best experience when it comes to delivering any IT Solutions. As we know, the ever changing IT Industry can be something hard to keep up with. This is one of the reasons why we offer complete turn-key solutions for any site enterprise, big or small.

As a pioneer in business consulting and IT services, Telzar Infrastructure creates and implements strategic and effective business plans that lead companies towards triumph and helps optimize their access to technology.

We seek to do so through effective business management and restructuring, providing business support to entities with the drive to excel in their industries.


Telzar support is delivered over telephone, via email, over chat (IM) or using remote software or software extensions that the user can employ to directly contact tech support. Telzar support representatives are very familiar with the ins and outs of the products for which they provide support.


No small business computer system can function at its peak without a stable infrastructure. IT infrastructure consists of all components that somehow play a role in overall IT and IT-enabled operations. It can be used for internal business operations or developing customer IT or business solutions. Telzar Infrastructure is your top infrastructure solutions experts.


We supply and install all data cabling, Network Kit, and any network connectivity services. Whether you’ve moved into a new office across town or need a repair on a single network point, we are here to assist.